Unit4 ERP Application Managed Service

G7's Application Managed Service can take the pressure off your in-house team, as it becomes another pair of hands on your internal support desk.

Join Unit4 ERP customers like Care UK, GO Shared Services, Best Western Hotels & Resorts and the University of the Arts London and experience the benefits this service can provide.

Ideal for sites where the internal team is struggling with the workload or the opposite, where your systems administrator is not fully utilised. Another ideal scenario is where your internal team get bogged down with business as usual calls, allowing no time for development. 

Another area this service can be used for is consultancy style help, delivered in a support style service. This means you don’t have to save up all your issues for a day’s on site consultancy, you can call the helpdesk when the issue arises. 

A consultant usually specialises in one area only, whereas with the Application Managed Service, you have access to many different people and knowledge sets. Some clients use it as a continuing support package, others choose to use the service in the initial ‘post go live’ period when in-house resource is stretched. It is your choice.

At G7 we’re particularly proud of our reputation as approachable and flexible experts in business systems since 2001. Our success is built on more than technical expertise, and we’re always working to offer support which is responsive to the needs of our individual clients. This is the philosophy which guides our Unit4 ERP Application Managed Service. A support desk that goes that step further. This can be further enhanced with our Unit4 ERP Technical Managed Service if required.

Support staff overstretched? Let G7 take the pressure.

If you are a client, you will be supported end-to-end. With our Application Managed Service, G7 can talk users through areas such as training issues, how to do things, loading new attributes, reconciliations that are not working, small development projects, help with reports and workflow; anything that a systems administrator / internal support person would normally respond to. In addition, G7 can work with your internal support team to raise their knowledge level.

G7 cover the full suite of Unit4 ERP products (previously known as UBW and Agresso); Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll and Income Manager.  This includes any workarounds in the system, along with AG16s, triggers and tools such as the Agresso Report Creator (ARC).

The service can also be used to assist with upgrades, covering queries and testing assistance.  Either backfilling so the most knowledgeable staff can work on the upgrade or providing another route to getting queries answered.

For new implementations, the Application Managed Service can reduce or negate the need for full time system administrators; let G7 become your internal team.

G7 has been providing both Application and Technical Managed Service for over 20 years, for household names such as the Football Pools, Argos and New Look and we opened up this service for our Unit4 ERP clients In October 2015. The service is run by dedicated support people, 8 dedicated to the Unit4 ERP product, most of which are ex Unit4 and based out of our new support centre in Portishead. Names you will know and trust and the same people each time you call.

The service is not based on levels, charged by the hour and is completely tailorable to your requirements.  As part of the service you will receive monthly status reports of the calls. Please see our resources page for a sample. We are also happy to schedule a monthly on site meeting.

If you’d like to find out more about how G7's Unit4 ERP Application Managed Service will help you cope with the peaks and troughs in demand for internal support, please call our Application Managed Service team now

G7 existing Unit4 ERP customers have used the service for the following;

  • Releasing the system administrator from business as usual calls allowing time for development
  • The customers team are involved with an upgrade, we are handling the calls from the users
  • Offering an alternative to on site consultancy during an upgrade
  • Supporting an interface developed by the Unit4 ERP consultancy team, also AG16s and triggers
  • Remote Payroll build
  • Concentrated effort over a couple of months to reduce a customer’s list of outstanding issues
  • Assistance with upgrading report engine versions

Who we've helped

The support service was excellent from G7; we always knew who we were talking to and they knew us. Every issue got resolved. We were keen to receive the same level of service to support our use of Unit4 Business World and have recently signed a support contract with G7. On G7 consultancy services, we were very impressed with the depth of knowledge of the consultants we have worked with. They were able to provide us with help and guidance on how to move forward, making best use of the system to meet our user requirements. We plan to use G7 consultancy both to progress a review of our payments process, and improve our reporting capability.
Debbie Heale, Finance Project Manager, University of Bath