Capacity-building and competitive edge

Our commercial sector commitment

The commercial sector need to achieve a competitive edge in their respective field, so it's no surprise that many of our clients want to get the most out of their business system.

commercial sector

Why work with us?

At G7 we have over 20 years of experience in working with consulting, professional services and enterprise clients including names such as Wessex Water and St James Place.

Increasing productivity, creating efficiencies, reducing costs and having up to date business insights underpin the competitive edge in business.

Real-time information on financial and key performance measures along with corporate governance, internal controls and strong project management are essentials for professional organisations.

The support we offer our commercial clients varies on a case-by-case basis and can include anything from assistance with development in certain areas to a wholesale implementation on Unit4 ERP.

How we help

At G7 our experienced teams understand the individual complexities of our commercial sector clients and can adapt our Unit4 ERP services and implementations to suit the specific needs and scale of the organisation.

Commercial clients are under pressure to continue to deliver results at a time when they’re also facing external challenges such as Brexit and Covid.

We work with clients across the professional and commercial sphere to transform their administration and reporting, putting them in a much stronger position for strategic decisions and to focus on streamlining and results.

We’ll work with you to implement a new Unit4 ERP system, to upgrade an existing Unit4 (Agresso) system, or to provide bespoke consultancy, allowing you to more effectively:

Manage office-based and remote or field-based staff

Carry out accurate supply chain management

Analyse real-time information

Benchmark and measure progress

We’ll set your system to allow you to carry out critical functions such as:

Full chart of accounts redesign and optimisation

Delegated Authority redesign for standardised approval routing

Full VAT accounting / Making Tax Digital, including non-recoverable and partial VAT recoverability

International trading and multi-currency

Multi-legal entity

Human Capital Management/HCM

Integration of interfaces from third party systems

Statutory and Management Reporting

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements, find out more or to receive a bespoke quote, email us on or call us on 01275 844650 and we will propose a package to suit you.

Clients we have worked with

We work with clients across the commercial realm, including:


Professional services

Financial Services


Holding companies




A few Commercial Testimonials


“We continue to maintain a strong working relationship with G7 which originates as far back as 1996 and our original implementation. For us the provision of a dedicated help desk is a key deliverable as is their flexible approach to the provision of application support. We have engaged G7 on a number of our key projects and have always been very satisfied with both their approach and delivery.”

Martin Wilson, Group Finance Systems Controller Home Retail Group, Argos


“G7 understands our business’ needs and always provides us with the right person with the specialist expertise for each individual project, so we get the best solutions.  I really respect their consultants and trust their opinions.”

Judith Scott, Head of Development, St James's Place


“The day was good and we have gleamed what we needed about the upgrade. In addition I wanted to say how good Neil was. It was a breath of fresh air having someone presenting to us who had a vast amount of knowledge, and actually understood what they were talking about. ”

Ryan Coles, Application Support Consultant, Wessex Water