Consultancy and AMS combine for best of both worlds

ERP Unique Blended Upgrade Services

As a tried and trusted provider of Unit4 ERP and Lawson products, G7 is in an ideal position to support your business before, during and following its upgrade process.


Why Work With us

G7 brings a wealth of trusted consultancy and Application Managed Service (AMS) experience to your upgrade, thanks to our specialism in Unit4 ERP and long history of working with Unit4 (Agresso) and Lawson software since 2001.

G7 upgrade packages are carefully created with your organisation’s unique set-up and versioning in mind, using our combination of on-site consultancy and our G7 Application Managed Service (AMS) teams.

Our blended upgrade services offer flexibility and a more cost effective and efficient way of handling your upgrade, resolving issues swiftly with the AMS team on hand as and when required.

How We Help

Upgrading your ERP system brings new opportunities for your business, saves staff time on daily processes, and delivers improved business intelligence and additional granularity in reporting.

Whether you need a technical upgrade from a legacy version of Unit4 ERP, or a complete reimplementation, an upgrade is a business-critical decision for an organisation.

We plan and manage our customer upgrades carefully, ensuring minimal disruption to the business and making sure maximum benefits are gained.

Services How we help

Our project managers and consultants guide you through every step of the upgrade. Help with design and additional build is also available to supplement your in-house resources, providing you with additional options should you also wish to include enhancements into the upgrade.

Upgrades can range from like for like upgrades to full re-implementations.

Our upgrade programme is flexible to fit your needs and typically includes:

Phase 1: Plan - comprehensive plan identifying responsibilities and deadlines for each activity

Phase 2: System extract pre upgrade to identify your current set-up

Phase 3: Test upgrade

Phase 4: G7 will carry out a 2nd extract, comparing and contrasting mandatory parameters for you, which can save days of testing

Phase 5: Design and additional build if quick wins for additional areas are being added 

Phase 6: G7 can assist with any testing queries through access to the G7 Application Managed Service or Consultancy services

Phase 7: Support – ongoing support, problem solving and business-as-usual, with our G7 Application Managed Service team

Optional - Differences workshop – we’ll highlight the pre- and post-upgrade changes and review them with you, discussing new functionality now available and any additional functionality or changes appropriate to your current business processes

Some customers also choose to run design workshops, either before or after the upgrade, to highlight any changes or quick wins that could be incorporated or implemented post upgrade.

The Application Managed Service, which is used during testing in the blended upgrade service, can also be used for business as usual. Find out more about our Application Managed Service where we offer seamless support to help your systems and staff thrive.


Flexible Packages

Our Unit4 ERP blended upgrade packages are designed to suit your specific requirements, ranging from a like for like upgrade through to a full re-implementation

Our useful guide ‘Things to consider when planning for an ERP upgrade’ provides useful guidance.

G7 will devise an ERP upgrade programme tailored around your resources, needs and timescales.

Clients & Testimonials

We work in collaborative partnerships across a whole range of sectors, including education, commercial, local government, health, not for profit and retail.


“Best Western have broken records with the low number of days used for the upgrade, due to the seamless, combined services of technical, consultancy and the Application Managed Service. We were able to call the G7 support team and get answers quickly."

Ben Dunstan, Finance Systems Manager,Best Western® Hotels & Resorts – Great Britain


“It was good and we have gleamed what we needed about the upgrade. In addition I wanted to say how good Neil was. It was a breath of fresh air having someone presenting to us who had a vast amount of knowledge, and actually understood what they were talking about.”

Ryan Coles, Application Support Consultant, Wessex Water


"Working with G7 has been a pleasure over our significant upgrade project. They adapted to our tight deadlines and provided support when we needed it. In particular the flexibility around the period of go-live was fantastic. We are looking forward to building on the strong foundations as we move to business as usual support".

Marianne Bastille, Finance Manager – Operations, University of Cumbria

Latest case studies

Our case studies showcase our work across all areas of Unit4 ERP and across all sectors.

Care UK

Care UK have been using G7 for the AMS, various Consultancy projects and Technical Managed Service since 2015.

Phoenix Futures

Phoenix Futures have been working with G7 since 2017 on various projects and upgrades, and use the G7 AMS for BAU.

University of the Arts London

UAL have been working in partnership with G7 since 2015 through the AMS and consultancy, including the re development of their student record interface.

West Berkshire

G7 assisted the Council with an upgrade, scoping workshops and the implementation of Income Manager. The Council also use the G7 AMS.

National Oceanography Centre

G7 worked with NOC for the full implementation of Unit4 ERP into the Unit4 cloud, including financials, logistics, research, HR and Payroll. NOC now use the AMS for BAU.

St. James Place

St James’s Place have worked with G7 on many Unit4 ERP projects. This case study focuses on the implementation of workspaces.


G7 provide Radius with the G7 Application Managed Service and full hosting and Technical Managed Service through QuickThink Cloud.

GO Shared Services

Assist with upgrade from 5.5.3 to 5.7.1(6) in a multi-client environment with a shared Supplier Master File.

G7 Application Managed Service – Assist GO Shared Services internal support desk with specific support calls.

Places for people

Case Study Places for People Scope of Project A new implementation of single client, multi-company environment.  Implementation included. Common, Financials, Procurement, Sales Order Processing, Project Costing, Fixed Assets, Human Resources, Payroll, Travel Expenses. The Role of G7 G7 supported the company from the vision and analysis phase through training the build team, Solution Design Documentation…


Case Study RAC Scope of Project The RAC operates one of the largest Agresso databases in Europe. This project was to upgrade from Agresso version 5.4.5 to Agresso Milestone 2 for the following modules: Financials, including: General ledger GL journal workflow Accounts payable Accounts receivable Fixed assets, covering new functionality Logistics: Sales to cash, including…

University of Bath

Having enjoyed G7 support for Lawsons for many years, the University turned to G7 again, this time for the G7 Application Managed Service for the UBW product.

The University also use G7’s Consultancy services.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Agresso Upgrade using G7 Application Managed Service.

An upgrade from U4BW 5.5.3 to Unit4 Business World Milestone 5. Also adding Experience Packs.

G7 Upgrades – Case Studies

Read about customers that have benefited from the G7 unique blended upgrade approach

G7 Application Managed Service – Case Studies 3

Unit4 ERP (Agresso) customers already enjoying the benefits.

G7 Application Managed Service – Case Studies 2

Read about G7 customers who have benefited from the G7 AMS

Get in touch

Tap into our Unit4 ERP (Agresso) experts – contact us for an initial meeting where we can discuss your needs and we’ll propose a solution that’s tailored to your organisation’s needs.

To receive a bespoke quote, email us on or call us on 01275 844650 and we will propose a package to suit you.

A few of our ERP team members

G7 has a team of highly qualified and experienced Support Consultants, Application Consultants and Project Managers, covering both the application and technical side of the Unit4 ERP and Lawson products.

Official Unit4 ERP Elite Consultancy Partner

We cover Unit4 ERP* Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Income Manager, Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll, Data Migrations and Interfaces across Education, Commercial, Public Sector, Retail and Not-for-Profit.