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Empowering your educational institution

Universities and Colleges are understandably keen to work with experienced and supportive business-systems experts who understand the particular needs of Higher and Further Education.

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Why work with us?

At G7 we have over 20 years of experience in implementation and consultancy of Unit4 ERP with Universities such as the University of the Arts, London and Colleges such as Dudley College.

We understand your particular needs and complexities and work in partnership with you to help your establishment grow its research and departments, and dramatically streamline administration.

Education institutions today continue to be focused on excellence in research, academia and education but they must also meet the changing demands of external stakeholders and students.

A new or upgraded Unit4 ERP system will give staff the ability to report real-time statistics to funders, sponsors and the likes of the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).


How we help

We put our two decades of experience in working with universities, colleges, further education and learning establishments into practice to tailor our support and implementation packages to your individual set up.

Our team of experts can provide implementation and support services whether you are upgrading your Unit4 ERP (Agresso) system or moving to Unit4 ERP from another system.

Working with a wide range of clients across the learning sector means we have a wealth of knowledge to bring to consultancy and support, and we understand the variety of services and stakeholders involved with academic institutions, and help you gain a joined-up system.

At G7 our experienced teams work with the Unit4 ERP system to allow institutions to make transformational changes to the:

Free staff and faculty to do more of what matters, spending less time on administrative tasks

Tracking of research expenditure against awarded income

Improve institutional effectiveness

Supplier vetting and approval process

Reporting and management options for improved planning and strategy

Full visibility and control

Transform student experience and how they interact

We’ll implement or upgrade your Unit4 ERP system to allow you to run critical core functions such as:

Financial Planning and Analysis

Full Financial Management

Procurement Management

Operational and HESA reporting

HR and payroll

Interface with your Student Record system

Get in touch

To find out more or a bespoke quote, email us on g7info@g7bs.com or call us on 01275 844650 and we can provide further information or arrange a meeting.

Clients we have worked with

We work with organisations across the educational sphere, including


Higher education institutes


Further education institutes

Private learning providers

A few Eduction Testimonials


“The support service we received for Lawson was excellent from G7; we always knew who we were talking to and they knew us. Every issue was resolved. We were keen to receive the same level of service to support our use of Unit 4 Business World and so signed a support contract with G7.”

Debbie Heale, Finance Project Manager, University of Bath 


“With the depth of their technical expertise and their experience of the higher education sector they can identify what will be the most effective solutions for our system and set up.”

Jim Kinchesh, Head of Finance Business Systems, University of the Arts London


“The support we have received from G7 has been both friendly and timely and being able to telephone the team directly for help and advice is a real advantage. ”

Rachel Colbourne, Systems Administrator, Greater Brighton Metropolitan College