Unit4 ERP Software Implementation

Establishing a new Unit4 ERP system such as Unit4 ERP or Lawson, is an exciting and challenging time for any business. It will open up many new opportunities, and help an organisation grow and flourish.

But a successful implementation requires experience and expertise – which is why G7 is such a trusted provider of full Unit4 ERP software implementation. Our services include:

  • project management
  • application consultancy for design, build, testing and ‘go live’
  • training
  • technical consultancy (including ARC and Crystal reporting)
  • and ongoing business-as-usual support.

G7 have been implementing Unit4 ERP and Lawson for over 15 years. We can assist you through all the stages of a typical Unit4 ERP implementation. We will highlight areas that need consideration, potential risks, and any resources you may require.

Phase 1, Plan: Project planning and initiation

Phase 2, Design: Business requirement and solution design

Phase 3, Build: Development and build

Phase 4, Test: Integrated systems testing and user acceptance testing

Phase 5, Deploy: Deployment of the solution

Phase 6, Close: Complete the project 

Phase 7, Support: Ongoing support and business-as-usual, using G7 Application Managed Service

Using the G7 Application Managed Service, G7 can become your internal support desk, negating or reducing the need for full time system administrators. 

In 2018, G7 were excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Blue Planet, the No.1 resource for Income Manager. G7 can now provide resource for full Income Manager implementations and have also developed a point solution for web payments, with Blue Planet.

To find out more, call our team of experienced Project Managers and Consultants.

Who we've helped

I had the pleasure of working with James Major and Rob Cocklin throughout the Implementation of Agresso Business World – Financials. Both were high calibre, experienced consultants that shared their in-depth product knowledge to ensure we implemented a flexible business solution to meet our ever changing requirements. Bringing high energy and enthusiasm to our project both were happy to challenge proposals and provide their expertise to ensure we maximised the solution to full capacity.
Janet Baines, University of Northampton