Unit4 ERP Project Team Training

Unit4 ERP Project Team Training, sometimes referred to as Super User training, occurs during the final stages of the Business Requirements and Solution Design phase of a project and starts the knowledge transfer process from G7 to the client.

Project Team Training is very different to End User Training and ensures that you know how the system has been built for your current requirements and that you have the skills to change the system as processes and requirements change.

G7 offer Project Team Training in two main areas; how to support the application and how to build the application.

The support training has been developed by the G7 Application Managed Service team and currently offers 3 courses. All are 2 days and include full documentation.


Overview of Unit4 ERP – 2 days

The G7 Overview of Unit4 ERP is aimed at first-time users of the application.  It covers the following areas:

  • Navigation around the Unit4 ERP application and the concepts underlying the application 
  • Introduction to enquiry and reporting functionality with the Unit4 ERP application
  • Introduction to Unit4 ERP modules and how they can be used to support business processes 
  • Introduction to Unit4 ERP reports and services supporting the application processes
  • Introduction to Data import and export processes available in the Unit4 ERP application
  • Introduction to Flexi-field functionality
  • Introduction to Document archive functionality
  • Introduction to Workflow and how it can be used to support business processes

The course contains demonstrations and additional reference and “troubleshooting” information.

Workflow Introduction Course

The G7 Workflow course has been designed to support those both supporting and building Workflow processes.  It provides a theoretical and practical guide to building Workflow processes and an understanding of how and why problems arise.  It covers the following areas:

  • Concepts of Workflow and its integration with business processes
  • The Workflow Palette
  • Configuration required before creating a Workflow process definition
  • Transactional Workflow process definition
  • Master-file Workflow process definition
  • Forms Workflow process definition
  • Enquiries to track items in Workflow
  • ‘Items to Follow Up’ screen
  • Workflow User information

It includes both demonstrations, a case study to help attendees practise the concepts covered in the course and additional reference and “troubleshooting” information.

System Administration – 2 days

The G7 System Administration training course is a both a theoretical and practical guide to common system administration tasks and issues.  It covers the following areas:

  • Users, roles, menu access and data control
  • Server report maintenance 
  • Batch input
  • Flexi-fields
  • Document archive
  • Menus and user preferences
  • System settings

It includes case studies, hands-on exercises and “troubleshooting” guides based on the experience of our Support and Consultant team to help with the resolution of everyday issues.


The build training involves the G7 Consultant working alongside the Customers' super users; explaining and showing them what is being built so they gain a full understanding, allowing them to better support the system after go live. This then works alongside the G7 Application Managed Service to build a Customers internal knowledge base.

If you would like to contact G7 about your training requirements, please contact one of our team