A unique approach to Agresso implementations & upgrades with G7


G7 has been a partner of Unit4 since 2001 and has been involved with many implementations, over all modules, across all sectors. We have a team of over 30 Project Managers and Consultants, all ex Unit4 or from customer sites, names you will probably know and trust.


G7 provide an end-to-end service, throughout all phases of the project, made unique by access to the G7 Application Managed Service.


All of our Agresso Consultants and Project Managers are former members of the Unit4 team or from Unit4 customer sites. This gives G7 considerable expertise in current and legacy versions of Unit4 Business World (Agresso).

Upgrades can range from a straightforward technical upgrade to a full re-implementation, taking into account changes to the software and changes since the original implementation. G7 has considerable experience with both styles of upgrades.

The Uniqueness that is the G7 Application Managed Service

For both implementations and upgrades it can be difficult to judge how much help you will require with build, testing and go-live support. The G7 Application Managed Service is based around consultancy style help, delivered in a support style service. This means you don’t have to save up all your queries for a days on site consultancy, you can call the helpdesk when the issue arises.  With the G7 Application Managed Service you pay for the hours you use and use it when you want to. You can take this service as a continuing support service or just during the implementation or upgrade; it is your choice.

Many of our customers are experiencing the benefits of this unique approach.

G7, your flexible partner for business systems