G7 enhances its Agresso Project Support Office


Covering Implementations, Upgrades and the G7 Application Managed Service.

Due to demand, the number of employees we now have and the amount of projects and AMS contracts we are working with, we thought it was time to set up a full time Agresso Project Support Office.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome Juliette Sollars, with over 17 years' experience of doing just this, having previously worked for Unit4.

Juliette has held the role of training coordinator, service desk coordinator and technical services coordinator during this time.

Juliette will be assisting us with project support duties for our 2 main offerings;

G7 Application Managed Service

With the G7 Application Managed Service you only pay for the hours you use and use it when you want to. You can take this service as a continuing support service or for a couple of months to help with resource intensive periods, such as year ends, go lives or during an upgrade; it is your choice.

You can use the service for queries, training, issue resolution, housekeeping, testing assistance, loading new data, reporting, assistance with workflows or small development projects – even support for AG16s and triggers; anything your internal systems administrator would cover.  It is one hourly rate for all, not based on type of call and is completely tailorable to your requirements.

Implementations and Upgrades

G7 have been providing resource into Unit4 implementations and upgrades since 2001 and have over 30 Consultants and Project Managers allocated to the U4BW (Agresso) product. G7 provide the full suite of services from initial planning, through design and build, to testing and final roll out. This is backed up by the Application Managed Service team when required.

G7 cover the full suite of Unit4 (Agresso) Business World products; Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll, Reporting, including ARC (Agresso Report Creator), UK products and Tools.

G7, a proven partner in supplying ERP support for over 20 years.

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