G7 announce hints and tips roadshows


G7 Business Solutions, a Unit4 partner, are running a series of roadshows throughout the UK on how to make better use of your Unit4 Business World systems.

Sessions will include hints and tips from both an application and technical viewpoint, also preparing your reports for the 64-bit world. Unit4 will also be present showing you how you can achieve quick wins from your system.

  • Tower Gallery, Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds                      Thursday 4th May
  • Unit4, Eden House, Eden Park, Bristol                                         Monday 8th May
  • Court Room, Senate House, University of London                    Tuesday 9th May
  • Loudon Suite, Botanical Gardens, Edgbaston                            Tuesday 23rd May



9:30     Arrival - Teas and coffees and a chance to catch up

10:00   Welcome / Intro

10:10   Preparing your reports for the 64-bit world  

Why Migrate your working reports to the new report engine? In this session, we will cover the benefits of rerx and resql for WEB and look at Worderator and DevXpress vs ARC. We will take a quick look around the    DevXPress Report designer and what migration tasks are required, also where Report Studio can replace ARWs.

Presenter – Louisa Lewis, Support Consultant at G7 Business Solutions Ltd 

10:50   Configuration tips for Unit4 Business World from an application viewpoint

Let us show you some configuration tips that will make your life easier. We will also take you through some areas to take care over and test fully on upgrade.

Presenter – Yvonne Harris, Application Consultant at G7 Business Solutions Ltd

11:30   Hints and tips for Unit4 Business World from a technical viewpoint

This session covers the technical aspects; from server specifications and licensing through to common pitfalls and other hints and tips surrounding the Unit4 Business World platform.  Also, see how G7 / QTC monitor their customer’s Unit4 Business World systems and make use of the enhanced technical functionality.

Presenter – Ian Witts / David Barrett-  Senior Technology Partners at QuickThink Cloud

12:00   Quick wins from the Unit4 Business World application

Unit4 will take you through how adding or changing that small piece of functionality could add benefit to your system.

Presenter – Ben Gibson / Peter Jacobs - Consultants at Unit4 Business Software

12:30   G7 – How can we help?

Keen to implement what you have seen today but struggling with your internal support desk workload? Listen to how G7 can help, using real life examples from some of our existing clients.

Presenter – Julie Munt, Business Development Manager at G7 Business Solutions Ltd

13:00 to 14:00   Open session

Sandwiches and refreshments provided and a chance to ask further questions of the G7 and Unit4 presenters.

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