Exciting development in Unit4’s strategy to lead in vertical markets


“We have said many times that our strategic focus is to be the leading player in our vertical markets of choice. We want to offer seamless integrated solutions covering both back and front office processes. Today we have made an important step on that road as we have big news on one of these verticals.

Many of you have been eagerly waiting to hear how we will address the global Education market, one of our focus verticals. I am very happy to announce that we have acquired Three Rivers Systems, a leading U.S.-based enterprise solutions provider for the Education market.

By joining forces with Three Rivers, we will deliver the first, most complete and cutting edge global ERP solution that meets the specific needs of Education. And we are the first company to do so. We are literally taking over the lead.

Three Rivers has been developing enterprise solutions exclusively for colleges and universities for three decades with much success. With Three Rivers as part of the Unit4 family, we will be able to reach our ambitious goals in Education in the U.S. and Europe."

José Duarte