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G7 worked alongside Unit4 at the University as preferred implementation partner for HR and Payroll. The University contracted direct with G7 for all services, including Project management, Consultancy and the G7 Application Managed Service.

The University then also contracted direct with G7 for a client consolidation project, incorporating an upgrade from U4BW Milestone 5 to U4BW Milestone 6, and the implementation of U4BW Research.

For all areas of work, G7 followed the project methodology of plan, design, build / configure, unit test, integrated system testing, end user acceptance testing, go live. All phases were project managed by a G7 senior project manager and a project manager within the University. All projects were an assisted build, knowledge transfer, with the University of London team working alongside G7, ensuring the ability for the University to support post go live.

Client Consolidation and Upgrade from M5 to M6

Statement of Work;

The University of London operated 4 U4BW Clients. Due to concerns about the suitability of this structure from a maintenance and reporting point of view, a review was held of the current configuration in order to;

  • Understand whether there are any system constraints or business reasons why the 4 Clients would need to be in place
  • Discuss the impact of merging the 4 Clients into 1
  • Discuss the process of and considerations around merging the 4 Clients into 1
  • Work was then commissioned to carry out the reconfiguration and subsequent build work
  • All data was re migrated into the new structure and onto the new milestone
  • Re-write of all interfaces and reports for financial and procurement between May and August 2017 (required due to changes in client structure and chart of accounts) and for HR and Payroll from August 2017 onwards.

Start date: January 2017

Go Live Date: 1st August 2017

HR and Payroll Implementation

Statement of Work;

New implementation introduced by Unit4 as their preferred implementation partner in the HE sector.

Start Date;

  • Design during the client consolidation work
  • Build when the client consolidation work and upgrade was complete in August 2017.

Go Live Date;

  • Payroll – January 2018 following 3 parallel runs
  • Cut down version of HR – January 2018
  • Remainder of HR followed.

Research Implementation

Statement of Work;

  • Implement U4BW Research using a sandpit approach where G7 met with the University to understand needs and requirements and then build a sandpit to align their requirements against.

Start date: July 2017

Start date: June 2018

Client-side data migration, extraction and transformation

Statement of Work;

  • G7 to take on the client-side role of all data migrations, including extraction from source systems, mapping and upload to U4BW. Also, all client side reporting. G7 developed SQL scripts to migrate data for financials and HR, payroll, negating the requirement for lengthy mapping spreadsheet and a large client side data migration team. The software is fully audited and version controlled.

Start date: July 2017

Start date: June 2018

Project Management

G7 provided a senior Project Manager throughout January 2017 to December 2017. Upon his retirement, the University were comfortable taking on the remaining Project Management tasks up to go live.

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