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G7's ERP Application Managed Service can take the pressure off your in-house team, as we work alongside you on your internal support desk.

Consultancy style help, delivered in a Support style service. You don’t have to save up all your issues for a day’s on site consultancy, you can call the helpdesk whenever an issue arises.

What do our existing customers say about the service?

New Look

“New Look have grown massively and anything we have thrown at G7, they pick up and go with”

“We have not had to escalate a call to G7 within the year I have been responsible for this area within New Look”

“We have built a good rapport with the G7 staff. We speak to the same people each time. We get directly through to them and do not have to go through a call logging system”

“G7 is a breath of fresh air”

The University of Bath 

“The support service was excellent from G7; we always knew who we were talking to and they knew us. Every issue got resolved.”

The support centre For Unit4 (Agresso) Business World will be open for business from Monday 5th October so contact G7 now, a company who have a 15 year track record in supplying this service, a proven partner.

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