A safe and happy Christmas from G7


As we look back at 2020, "what a year." A year like no other.

Not only have our personal lives been affected, the way we work is evolving at a rapid pace. In fact, we’ve probably seen more fundamental changes to the way we work in the last 12 months alone, than we’ve seen in the last 12 years combined.

Not only have we been hit by a global pandemic - which introduced new terms like “furlough” and forced us all to suddenly come to terms with remote working and isolation - but we’ve had the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit nipping at our heels.

G7 have continued to offer all services during this time and have assisted some of our Customers with this transition;

“It’s taken a huge effort in terms of IT and systems to set up and maintain an effective and secure way for our colleagues to work from home,”
“G7 have been played a critical role in supporting that.”

Care UK

As part of our ISO 9001 and the design of our new web site, G7 have carried out several customer interviews and received such great feedback, which we really appreciate.

All of the Customers interviewed said they bought from, and remain with G7, for 3 main reasons;

“G7 is always our first port of call.  They’re quick to respond, very flexible and extremely knowledgeable.  We benefit from their expertise on a wide range of applications and projects.”

University of the Arts, London


“They’re all seasoned experts in their own field”
“I’ve worked with other providers and found they’ve lacked the same amount of experience as G7.”

Phoenix Futures

The Relationship Built
“G7 basically takes the burden off my shoulders”
“Their team is an extension of our internal resource and it’s like working with colleagues.”

West Berkshire Council

We have also been ranked with 5 stars on Raven Reviews. https://ravenintel.com/listing/g7-business-solutions-limited/

Overall, despite everything, a good year and we really look forward to working with you all again during 2021.

Merry Christmas!