Happy New Year to all our customers


Don't start the New Year like this; let G7 ease the pressure and allow you to gain benefits from your Agresso system.

Running an internal support desk and carrying out all the developments that are asked for, can lead you to putting your head in your hands.

So where can G7 help?

G7's Application Managed Service can take the pressure off your in-house team, as we work alongside you on your internal support desk.

Ideal for sites where the internal team is struggling with the workload or the opposite, where your systems administrator is not fully utilised.  In both cases, G7 can become another pair of hands, used only when required. More cost effective than recruiting or retaining a full time employee.

Another scenario is where your internal team get bogged down with business as usual calls, allowing no time for development. This can become a real headache during upgrades or implementations of new areas.

G7 can look after the day to day calls from the users, leaving you to work on value add areas and get more out of your Agresso system. This service can be standalone or work alongside G7's implementation team or another partner's team.

You can use the service for queries, training, issue resolution, housekeeping, testing assistance or small development projects – even support for AG16s. It is one hourly rate for all, not based on type of call and is completely tailor able to your requirements.

G7 cover the full suite of Unit4 (Agresso) Business World products; Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll and tools such as Agresso Report Creator (ARC).

This is a service we have been providing for over 15 years for Lawson clients and successfully opened up the service to Agresso clients in 2015.

G7, a proven partner in supplying ERP support for over 15 years.