G7 Roadshows November 2019


What a success; over 100 attendees and some fantastic feedback!

“A high value day for any UBW site” - West Berkshire Council

“G7 have been great support for us for the last 3 to 4 years” - Publica

“Excellent, very well organised” - University of Bristol

“Nice reminders of things that are in the software that we may have forgotten or did not know were there” - University of the Arts London

“A really useful roadshow; an excellent team” - BRE Group

“A balanced day with plenty of useful info” - Northumbria Police

“Really good as showed how to use the product and not a sales day” - Edinburgh Napier University

Thanks to the whole team including Blue Planet and QuickThink CloudPartnering with the best.


Blue Planet - Income Manager - Making business change achievable and continuous
Organisations need to constantly adapt to every changing industry standard demand regarding receipting income from multiple sources. A review of some of the key components of Income Manager that bring about positive business change for both the business and the citizen.
Also included exciting software developments between Blue Planet and Sybernet.

QuickThink Cloud - Three critical UBW technical design principles
The core principals that technical teams should be aware of when hosting in-house or migrating to the cloud; thin-client delivery, Intrusion Prevention Systems / security and resilience strategies.

G7 -  Re-implement or Upgrade?
Very often companies re-implement when an upgrade would have sufficed. Discussion on the extent of change that can occur without having to re-implement; using existing functionality you may not be aware of and why improving processes may serve a better focus than full re-implementation

G7 - Hints and Tips - Credit control tools within UBW
Covering basic configuration, debt reporting, action overview, reminders, payment plans and workflow

G7 - Hints and Tips - UBW HR and Payroll
Payroll dashboard, hints and tips including dynamic forms and widgets

G7 - Hints and Tips - Spend approval for non-recoverable VAT within UBW
G7 developed solution - How requisitioning approvals can work either inclusive or exclusive of VAT

G7 cover the full suite of Unit4 (Agresso) Business World products; Financials, Logistics, Project, Research, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll, Income Manager, Reporting, UK products and Tools.

G7, your flexible partner for business systems.

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