Dudley College

Dudley College

G7 initially assisted with an upgrade from milestone 5 to milestone 7. Dudley College then used the Application Managed Service for business as usual following the upgrade. Following this, G7 were brought in to assist with a multi client set-up;.

Dudley College had a requirement to manage and consolidate multiple independent companies without ever changing database. Businesses that each need separate set of books but maintaining a similar structure and reporting capabilities yet allowing full consolidation functionality.

Unit4 ERP allows the creation and maintenance of the books for an unlimited number of companies with the ability to simultaneously open multiple companies to allocate shared revenue and expenses easily.

Having the copy company functionality allows for quick and easy setup which meant any new companies can be up and running in no time.

Although Unit4 ERP allows for the sharing of suppliers and customers, Dudley College went for autonomous suppliers and customers within each company but using the copy facility all the customers and suppliers were copied between companies, so each company had it’s own set of records.

One of the challenges facing Dudley College was multi company accounting and consolidating monthly accounts.  Due to inconsistencies in the way the companies needed to apply GL codes, consolidating in Excel was becoming far too long winded and time consuming for the finance team every month.  This comes with risk of error, the headache of out of date information and the frustrations of not being able to investigate the data from the consolidated reports.

Standardising the Chart of Accounts across each company allowed for full reporting capability within the company and across the database.

Having multiple companies within one database allowed users to access different companies and being able to obtain real-time access to results across the database and related subsidiaries from one single system.

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