A different way to approach upgrades with G7


It can be difficult to judge how much help you require with testing and re configuring an upgrade until the database has been converted. G7 offer upgrade packages that consist of the G7 Application Managed Service and on-site consultancy, a more effective and efficient way of handling your upgrade.

Following the conversion of the database, some Unit4 (Agresso) Business World customers test and re configure the upgrade themselves and only require assistance with any issues that may arise; this is ideal for the Application Managed Service support desk.  It is based around consultancy style help, delivered in a support style service. This means you don’t have to save up all your queries for a days on site consultancy, you can call the helpdesk when the issue arises.  With the G7 Application Managed Service you pay for the hours you use and use it when you want to. You can take this service as a continuing support service or just during the upgrade; it is your choice.

Other customers require help with upfront planning, preparation, design and carrying out any additional build required. For this, G7 have a team of over 30 Consultants and Project Managers, who would work on site, alongside the G7 Application Managed Service.

On occasions, and if appropriate, remote build can be carried out by the G7 Application Managed Service team. It is important however that the customer does not lose knowledge transfer.  The recommendation would be that remote build is carried out on areas such as reporting, where once you have built a handful of reports, asking G7 to build the rest would not deplete the knowledge transfer.

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