Case Study

New Look

new look

The New Look story began in 1969 as a single fashion store in the UK. From there, they’ve grown to become a leading fast-fashion brand, with 569 stores in the UK and over 200 across Europe, China, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. New Look first engaged with G7 during their Lawson implementation.

G7 was able to take the implementation project over from Lawson and carry it forward to a successful go live. Following this, New Look took on a G7 Application Managed Service contract and are still one of G7’s customers today.

G7: The Solution

New Look pay Lawson for maintenance but have no day to day dealings with them, all calls are managed by G7.

G7 hold monthly review meetings which New Look have found particularly useful. The agenda is based around the monthly service summary report.

For extra project demand, New Look call on G7 for on-site consultancy services. An example of this is cover for quarterly and year ends.

How did we do?

“New Look have grown massively and anything we have thrown at G7, they pick up and go with”

“We have not had to escalate a call to G7 within the year I have been responsible for this area within New Look”

“We have built a good rapport with the G7 staff. We speak to the same people each time. We get directly through to them and do not have to go through a call logging system”

“G7 is a breath of fresh air”


Start date: 2015

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